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Sun, sand and sea, massive lagoons with different depths and infinite shades of blue and turquoise, dazzling underwater coral gardens; a perfect natural combination for the ideal tropical holiday destination

1190 islands are spread over 26 atolls, ring like coral formations enclosing a lagoon, which gives the Maldives its unique paradise-like appearance. The atolls of the Maldives are formed from coral structures, separated by lagoons.

In a nation with less than one percent land and over 99 percent sea, the weather obviously plays a significant role in day-to-day life. The Maldives has a tropical climate with warm temperatures year round and a great deal of sunshine. The hottest month on average is April and the coolest, December.
February is the driest with January to April being relatively dry, May and October records the highest average monthly rainfall. The southwest monsoon from May to September is the wet season. Rough seas and strong winds are common during this period. The northeast monsoon falls between December and April. This is a period of clear skies, lower humidity and very little rain.
Maldives has some of the best dive sites in the world and it is famed for its rare underwater beauty. Since ninety nine percent of Maldives consists of water, the most exotic creatures that inhibit the country lives under water, in colorful aquamarine gardens. This is why Maldives is renowned as a divers' paradise
The highest level of visibility that one could expect, sometimes exceeding 50 meters and the water is relatively warm through out the year.
Most diving in the Maldives is drift dives. Due to the myriad channels and passages between the atolls, the current sweep and play throughout the island chain so that nutrients are always on the move. This accounts for the vast numbers of fish enjoying the passing feast and you can expect to see Napoleon wrasse, parrotfish, snappers, barracudas, jacks and sweetlips in every site where the water flows.
Ari Atoll is the place with the greatest reliability. Passing big fish, such as whale sharks, hammerheads and eagle rays are frequently seen, as well as large residents like the Napoleon wrasse, grey reef and white tip sharks, and large schools of black tail barracuda and batfish.
If you wish for the greatest diversity and a variety of sites in the Maldives, you should go for live abroad.
Many of the resorts in the Maldives are especially designed to cater for family holidays. Equipped with child-care centers children’s game centers, children’s pools and many other activities that children can enjoy .Apart from that there are so many other activities are available to make a family holiday an experience.
Submarine (Tour Code MLE/EX 01)
What is a visit to the Maldives without experiencing its magical underwater world? This incredible adventure takes place aboard the world’s deep diving largest passenger submarine! Descend to100 feet below the ocean surface and witness ocean life and other treasures, sights once only seen by scuba divers.
Divers and non-divers alike can enjoy the enchanting beautiful coral reefs and magnificent tropical fish from the comfort of an air-conditioned submarine with friends, family or loved ones
Whale and dolphin watching (Tour Code MLE/EX 02)
Maldives ranks among the top five places on Earth for watching whales and dolphins .You can see the mighty Blue Whale (the largest animal alive) to the diminutive but highly acrobatic Spinner Dolphin.
Species that are regularly seen on special whale watching safaris include the Blue Whale, Sperm Whale and Pilot Whale as well as seven different types of dolphin (Spinner, Bottlenose, Risso’s, Spotted, Striped, Fraser’s and Rough-toothed).
Fishing (Tour Code MLE/EX 03)
Palm beach fishing, resorts fishing, scuba fishing, resort fishing, hand crafted Dhoni fishing are the famous recreational activity in Maldives.
For Big game fishing you can catch like sailfish, marlin, barracuda, yellow fish tuna, wahoo, swordfish and many other big fishes, outside the atoll and morning time is suitable for fishing
Snappers, emperors, barracuda, squirrel fish and jacks are the common fish you find in the night fishing.
Weddings (Tour Code MLE/EX 04)
The fantastic natural beauty if the country and its exotic location make it one of the most popular destinations for conducting weddings. It's an experience that is magical and memorable. The serene and exotic atmosphere is simply perfect for such functions. Most of the hotels in Maldives have provisions for conducting wedding ceremonies and receptions. This coupled with the picturesque view of the sea, beaches, and landscapes, makes the event a grand and gala affair.
Note, however, that the wedding ceremony is not legally binding, as the Maldives is a Muslim country. Please contact the Concierge for details.
Honey Moon (Tour Code MLE/EX 05)
Maldives, with its exotic beaches, turquoise blue water and serene atmosphere is a fantastic honeymoon destination. A honeymoon in Maldives will give you that opportunity to make the best of every second of this valuable and romantic time with each other in total privacy. The sun-kissed white Maldives beaches, the quiet palm lined walkways, the azure water breaking into surf on your feet and the exciting activities are ideal for the honey moon couples. You can enjoy exciting togetherness in several water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, lagoon diving, speedboat driving and catamaran sailing.
Book your holidays with us:
Island Safari (Deluxe) Length: 30 m No. of Cabins: 9 (Tour Code MLE/EX 06)

Passengers Capacity: 20

Each week-long cruise is designed to show you the best of the Maldives with a wide variety of islands and seascapes. The itinerary will include a visit to a local island, resorts, BBQ nights, entertainment nights and night fishing. Both divers and non-divers will enjoy most of these activities. Non-divers will have plenty of make the best of their holiday on board our vessel, with the following activities:-Snorkeling (with a guide), Sailing, Windsurfing, Sunset fishing, Soft games, in-house entertainments.
Island Safari (Royal) Length: 30 m No. of Cabins: 8 (Tour Code MLE/EX 07)
Passenger Capacity: 18
Sun Deck 1: Sundeck 1 entertains guest who needs an afternoon coffee & relaxation.

Sun Deck 2: Second Sundeck is the upper most deck which provides tanners with the most privacy.

Dive Center: A fully equipped dive center with PADI International Certified Dive instructor and Dive Master. All the necessary equipment can be rented.
Lounge for Indoor games, Television, Video/CD facilities and a library with wide collections of books.
A well suited disco for the nightly entertainment with the local folk music.
Island hoping (Tour Code MLE/EX 08)
Island hoping is one of the best way to take a tour across the country and experience its beauty. These excursions can be in the form of romantic getaways or in the form of an adventure tours. If you are on a romantic vacation with your beloved, then you can go for a cruise around the country.
Adventure island tours are equally exciting and fun filled. One can travel to the various islands and go for island trekking or jungle trekking or go for numerations water-based activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing.
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